Welcome to our Bucketlist for EDM!

We are Diane & Michael, ages 58 and 62, living in Phoenix, Arizona. We met in 2003 and got married in 2005. Each of us brought three teenagers into our  new relationship with each child  slowly leaving home and are all now living independently.

What we learned about ourselves and life over these past thirteen years was only possible because we saw in one another a safe haven where we were able to be completely ourselves without the fear of anything being held against the other. We became best friends and friends are people you like to hang around with, that is why they are called friends. With this, the spark we had for each other never went out, to the contrary, our love grew over time, but in reality, it was catapulted when we discovered electronic dance music. Here we found people who thrive from the same music, fun loving people who also spoke “our language” as it relates to life principles and are doing it through a PLUR lifestyle. We found another Family!


Are we some old hippies that want to recreate Woodstock? Not at all. Just like most of us, we have day jobs with Diane being an elementary school teacher for a private school and Michael running operations that deploy software, large scale implementations in High Tech, and Banking and Manufacturing for the past 38 years. We have  Bachelors Degrees, Diane from the University of Arizona and Michael receiving his education in Germany after which he immigrated to the United States  in 1984.

Our relationship is different from most other couples,  if not all, in the activities we do in our waking, non working hours of the day. Do you know of any other couple:

  • Whose house turns at night into a black light, lazer light show, dance club for two?
  • That dances everyday 60-120 minutes to one of their playlists or dances to new uploaded shows from the DJs they are following, or live sets from EDC, Ultra, , Tomorrowland, or Amsterdam Music Festival,etc.?
  • That goes to at least one live DJ set per week, having seen over 80 live sets in 3 years?
  • Who never felt so happy and joyous?

Not likely!

We hope to inspire the younger generation, relaying that there is no need to stop going to festivals and shows and to never give up what you love. Concerned parents can get an insight into the impact of the music from people in a similar age bracket, and with this insight will hopefully ease any concerns they might have or even better, give the music a try themselves.

We have seen parents taking their daughters to a show, standing in the back and to the side observing their children, only to notice that their left and/or their right foot starts to move to the beat after just a few minutes.

Come on! No reason to not give the dance a chance.


We love to dance! We Love!