About Us

We are a 61 year old couple who, over the past three years, through EDM, have found a new vitality, a surge of energy, a youthfulness like children.  Our lives have been drastically changed into a continuous stream of unbound joy and happiness which has also changed the way we view the world and everyone around us.

The Transformative Impact on our Lives

The music transports us into a different dimension, one in which time and space have no room to lay their burdens unto us. When we jump into the song, the NOW, joy begins to rise from deep within. Our hands, feet, arms, legs, and heads seem to move of their own free will, with no holding back. The music takes us to a place which is then translated into emotions of sometimes unspeakable joy, with tears turning into rivers of release in which all burdens previously felt are disappearing into the nothingness from which they came. These burdens which we accumulate every time we go out into the world and, “live our lives,” piles up until we choose to return again to do what is natural to us, which is to unite with music and become One in the process.

We love to dance! We Love!