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PLUR Warrior or PLUR Worrier

Are you a PLUR Warrior or a PLUR Worrier?

This blog will change you from being a worrier to a being a warrior in 4 simple steps. Do you know if you are a worrier or if you are a warrior?

How do you see the world? How do you see yourself and others? Do you see peace or war? Do you see Love or hate? What are you afraid of?  Do you perceive more union or more separation? Do you respect others; I mean everyone or only selected groups? Do you accept everything that you perceive, I mean everything. Do you trust others? On what does your mind spend its time? Where are your thoughts? In the past, present or future?

Every answer requires a decision and each decision is a judgment and this judgment is based on how we perceive in the world. The external often becomes the driver for decisions, the past determines the future by acting on it in the present and that is the MO of the PLUR Worrier.

How can we keep up and deepen our PLUR lifestyle when the only constant that each second has is that of a change? Many resist change at all costs? Are you one of them or do you embrace change to the fullest? Or are you resisting change but pretend to be someone who embraces change?

We like change when it brings us something that we want or desire, when my expectations of this moment are met in some form that appears pleasing to me. In contrast, we will not embrace change if it leads to a perceived loss of some kind.   This is however setting the PLURworrier up for failure for the following reasons:

Repeating Past Failures

The PLURWorrier uses the past for the basis to predict the future. This is common practice in business. The difference is not always obvious.  Let’s take revenue projections in which historical facts are used to predict the future. At least one side of the equation is based on facts, while a person’s memory of past events is anything but accurate. In addition, the subjectivity in which the past is seen, is very likely distorted, up to 80% according to a psychological study. The premise is already based on a faulty perception, any added projections can only be further reducing the chance of a future occurrence. This includes the inaccuracy of events, particularly those that imprinted a negative memory.

Example: you hang out with your friends on Friday night and you always meet them at 11pm at a certain place. All but one are on time. Dave is always at least 15 min late. That is what you think about Dave, Dave has become the symbol for being late. Hence, that is what your eyes will seek out to confirm your expectations. . The past is always a grossly distorted lens that always will remember us in such a way that confirms our position. You will overlook that Dave is on time and only register when he is not. Why? The constant judgment stemming from past experiences is that Dave is late, even when he is not.

By projecting the past into the future, the only time in which change can occur is skipped, which is the NOW. Only if the PLURwarrior lets go of the perception of Dave to be always late, he will experience that Dave is now on time, although he is still arriving late. The change of mind of the PLURWorrier, releasing his judgment, also took away the need to have Dave’s tardiness being experienced.

And what is the connection to PLUR?

Very simple, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect cannot happen to a mind that is mentally distracted with worries which are increasing as time goes by without resolutions. Worries are based on fear and fear binds the minds in chains by keeping it in a constant state of uncertainty. The external world is seen as unpredictable which requires constant attention. Goals that were set are reevaluated and adjusted if fear increases a condition that is based on subjective perceptions which are distorted. This is a negative feedback loop. Since all actions are based on fear, only fear can arise from it. Fear cannot be turned into trust by evaluating and analyzing the fear. This sounds illogical but it is not. Take this example.

Fritz has a fear of flying. Fritz knows very well that the chance of crashing in a commercial airliner is next to impossible and so much safer than driving, but that does not change him to a happy flyer. The fear sits deeper.

Steps to become a PLURWarrior

In any situation in which we are uncertain, the first thing to consider is,

  1. What do I want to come of this? What is it for? Why am I doing this?”
    The intend of the goal belongs at the beginning, for it is this which will determine the outcome.
  1. From belief to conviction to certainty
    The PLURWarrior knows that the goals will be achieved regardless of the road condition that lead to its fulfillment. Faith turns from the unknown to the known, switching it from potential to certainty.
  1. Don’t sweat the road conditions
    Now that the goal has been set with the mind of the warrior being in absolute certainty of its fulfillment, will deal with any obstacle that comes between the goal and its achievement in a constructive way since he knows that this is the way to achieve the goal. It is the conviction of the achieving the goal which drives the removal of the obstacles.
  1. Achievement & Sharing
    the PLURwarrior does not brag about his accomplishments as they are second nature to him. In fact, the warrior devotes much of the time to help others to achieve their goals. Helping others becomes the motivation to continue on the road to success because the mind of the warrior is open to sharing knowing that its own power ultimately comes from the support he receives through the sharing of thoughts and ideas that lead him to success.

In the worrier’s procedure, everything is reversed. The situation becomes the determiner of the outcome, which can be anything. The reason for this disorganized approach is evident. The worrier does not know what it wants to come of it. It is aware of what it does not want, but only that. It has no positive goal at all.

Constant check points, particularly in the presence of obstacles, are leading to re-evaluations of potential outcomes which often lead to endless battles with the encountered obstacles without ever achieving a feeling of success. Most of the times the worrier gives up the fuzzy goals, best case, the fuzzy goals are changed and the loop starts over with history repeating itself yet again.

Beautiful Now

The most significant loss the worrier has is the loss of the Beautiful Now. It is lost in dreams of fear. Research has shown that worries are exaggerated by 80-90%, or we call it making a mouse of an elephant. Think about what is really being done in the present, replacing the NOW:

The lower mind, let’s call it ego (different than Freud), creates a mental story of one potential outcome of a situation, describes it in all its glorious detail so distorted that is mere fantasy, meaning it will never happen, and then on top of it tells you that you should reside in fear until this is all over. Once given into this illusion the worrier will receive a personal notification from the ego reminding him of his impending doom.

This little ego told a lie and the worrier bought it. That is what really happened. If you look at a situation more objectively you might be able to see through the egos first defense, which is the exaggeration, the illusionary part of it.

The second is hidden and represents the core of denial of the worrier heart. You cannot fear anything that has not happened yet particularly not the small stuff anyway which is 99% of worriers’ content. Here is why:

If you could worry now about a future event, then you would always be running around in fear because there is a thing people believe in which is called death, which seems to hit most people and if you could fear little things because death is further out then this is not what happens. Death could hit you anytime but that is not your dread. That is not the root cause of the worrier, it can’t be. The root cause is to keep the NOW out, because it is Love that one finds here and peace, all united as One.

We are afraid of being rejected down the road in a situation we are worried about. What we are doing is feeling the future rejection NOW, all by our own choice. That is crazy isn’t it? We could choose to be happy right now but we rather indulge in something that makes us feel miserable.

Now the worrier knows he has a choice. Go out worrier and view the world change in front of your eyes into One of peace and love. Now you are a PLUR warrior!



Go out worrier and see how the world will change in front of your eyes into One of peace and love.

Now you are a PLUR warrior!

Can you recommend a summer festival?

Question from Quora

So far this 61 year young couple went twice to EDC Las Vegas and we had the best time of our lives. It’s a three day festival from dusk to dawn, starting at 7pm with the last DJ  opening  up around 5am and is usually a top one. Last year the last one we saw was Dash Berlin and this year it was Galantis.

Exit EDC
There were 14 stages, several big stages such as Kinetic Field, where headliners play, and Circuit Ground with  headliners and upcoming top DJs.

All major sub genres have their chance to play for an hour of their set to about 120,000 people nightly. It’s a very peaceful gathering of a lot of people who are all happy, joyful and having fun!

We, being a little older than the average age you will find there (21+), felt safe, as well as accepted, so much that we decided to check out more EDM festivals next year.

The ride to the raceway in North Las Vegas takes about 30 minutes with their shuttle system if you stay at a hotel in the downtown area. We heard, however, that others staying on the strip  had a couple of hours until the busses reached the festival grounds.

The prices of hotels however are higher during the week prior to EDC since many of the DJs are playing during the day in  at various beach clubs along the strip. If possible, next year we will arrive sooner in Vegas and include some shows before hitting the festival itself.  We did see Steve Aoki a day after EDC ended, we obviously had not had enough at that time.

The early bird prices are sold out quickly and the additional tax LV adds makes it a $400 ticket price, well worth it!

Also a good value is to get a water bottle for $20 which can be refilled as many times as you want! It’s the desert and if you watch some YouTube videos of the event, you can see a big red sign to the left of the DJ that tells the temperature and the local time. In the EDC video of MakJ, it was still 97 degrees and that  was early evening.  By the way, we can be viewed on that video, not on purpose, at exactly 46 minutes into that set on the lower left hand side. LOL.It’s 70 degrees during the night with very little humidity, which is actually quite comfortable.

There are plenty of bathrooms available and areas where you can just relax. The decorations are spectacular, to say the least, with lots of neon, bright colors everywhere!

We don’t take drugs or even drink alcohol so we can’t comment on those accommodations, but we can  recommend EDC because this is, so far, the only real big festival we’ve attended, but hopefully this will change. We want to contact sponsors of these events and will offer our services to them so please keep your fingers crossed as anything in this field would be our dream job.

We are older, almost considered elderly, and that should give parents the relief that these gatherings are peaceful and loving. No one can prevent if someone gets injured,overdoses, or even dies.  This is very sad but those are personal decisions and should not be projected onto the festivals and their organizers. All  are doing the best they can, which includes the LVPD, all of which did a great job!

Out hats are off  to the founder of EDC. His vision was out of this world, bringing love, peace and happiness, raising vibrational patterns which is so very needed in a world that loves to hate and hates to love. For three days, you can enjoy love and being loved.

Hope this helped!

IMG_2241 EDCLV2015_0620_051117-4103_CTL IMG_4809 - Copy IMG_4170

Quora Question: Can EDM help with ADHD

It is perfect for people with ADHD. It’s a natural way to increase dopamine, the lack thereof is responsible for attention deficit.
I happen to be diagnosed with ADHD and it allows me to shut out everything around me and be fully consumed by the music.
It is not different than people with ADHD getting immersed in video games, also a great way to increase your dopamine in a very natural way.
Just like certain ADHD meds, listening to EDM (loud, under headphones to an entire set) gives me energy. Consider my age being 61, I do get tired late afternoon and instead of taking a nap, I crank up the music (headphones) and start moving with the beat. After 10-15 minutes I have enough energy again to go through the rest of the day.
I am very much convinced that this form of music has other healing properties. Going into a trance like state with your partner enables us to completely forget any worries of the day and just be, to say it with a song from Tiesto.

Now, as good as EDM might be for ADHD, you can’t dance all day long, or game all day long to keep your dopamine up, unless you don’t need to make a living.

Now, there is research out on EDM and its impact. One book that comes to mind is called Trance Formation.

Just try it. Go to a live show and “get into it”. I bet the money I don’t have that you can easily skip a dose (not recommended unless ok by Doctor) of an ADHD med and you won’t lose concentration for the next few hours.

One of my sons, also ADHD, loves to listen to Infected Mushrooms, the sudden changes in sounds have the same effect of him as I have with long electro house, future house, tech house, Dubstep or uplifting progressive sets.

original Question: Can EDM help with ADHD?



What EDM means to us

Music has become a domineering physical, mental and spiritual force inside of us for the past 3-4 years since we changed from occasional oldies and classic rock to EDM.

We were on a spiritual path, seeking for Truth, however, not for religion. For the past 35 years I am a student of a book called, “A Course in Miracles” which tells us that the world is an illusion, just like so many eastern belief systems already point out, and that we literally have everything upside down here from true reality. Listen to: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike “Tales of Tomorrow”.

It says that we are in a dream and our sole purpose in this seeming incarnation is to wake up from the dream for us to then realize that we in reality where we have always been, being One with our Source.

This source is nothing but pure Love, making sin and guilt the only unjustified reason that we are still here. It teaches us to get rid of sin, guilt,  and  punishment as concepts of mad people who look to brainwash themselves by blaming others for their mistakes, which they call sins. Sins, per definition, are eternal and cannot be undone. Now this is hogwash,  but all of us were raised in one form or another to believe this nonsense.

Playlist – The Illusion of Separation


With this in mind, we found with EDM beautiful songs and sounds, with lyrics which fit perfectly with our belief systems. Axwell’s, “Leave the World Behind,” “Save the World,” “Nothing but Love,” and Morgan Page’s, “Open Heart” are just one of many songs which have lyrics that are literally out of this world and are more than soothing to the soul.

We noticed that when we started to dance to an EDM playlist, we were going into a natural trance-like (pun intended) state in which all problems of the day somehow vanished, but also did not come back when we stopped the dancing. The music not only gave us energy, but kept our moods above the frown level. We have integrated dancing to EDM music,  much like Islamic Sufis and other groups which  emphasize music,  as part of our own spiritual activities.

So we started to do this on a nightly basis, dancing for an hour, and sometimes 2, to electronic dance music, which lately has mostly been to an entire live set on YouTube. We feel we are mentally bonding with the hundreds of  thousands of people that are shown in the crowd of  these live sets. Above and Beyond calls their weekly music mix release: Group Therapy, and that is what it is! Our energies are merging with all of  those around the world who are  doing the same thing, dancing to upbeat music with beautiful lyrics, a literal joining of  minds that are thinking positive thoughts and are listening to the same set at one point or another.

In summary: music is more than important to us. It has become the outward manifestation of celebrating that we are homeward bound, that there is never anything to worry about, and that everything will eventually merge into a Power Surge of Love which will enable us to see that we are truly One Mind, just separated into billions of little “Is,” “me, me, mes”, and egos, and are slowly waking up.

Here are tracks that helped us through rougher times. These songs were catalysts for change.


Take me to a “Higher Place”

The Experience of listening to EDM Music on the example of

Soundcloud-icon “Higher Place” (feat. Ne-Yo) Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike

We are increasingly convinced that EDM music with its light shows and black lights, drops, upbeat and funny lyrics allows us to tap into a higher mental ground that not only brings back a childlike innocence which was thought to be lost some time ago in adulthood, but also has the power to heal our minds which in return allows us to heal our bodies.

Something happens, a feeling, when we let go and totally surrender to the song which then allows a different perception which removes all attributes of our egos.

Here we have found that feeling described above to be experienced while listening to the track, “Higher Ground.” The song in its entirety enables the mind to produce the following thoughts:

Show me to a higher place
Take me to outer space
I want you to be my friend
We’ll make it till the world ends
Show me to a higher place

Take me to outer space
I want you to be my friend
We’ll make it till the world ends
Don’t give me love
Governed by life
Limited by
These worldy heights
I want a love
That the universe
Can never stop
Can never hurt
I want a love that will last
After this world is our past
A love that no time could erase
A love in a higher placeShow me to a higher place
Take me to outer space
I want you to be my friend
We’ll make it till the world ends

Show me to a higher place
Take me to outer space
I want you to be my friend
We’ll make it till the world ends

Don’t sell me short
(Don’t sell me short)
On unconditional
(On unconditional)
I want a love
Beyond what we all know

I want a love that will last
After this world is our past
A love that no time could erase
A love in a higher place
Show me to a higher place
Take me to outer space
I want you to be my friend

We’ll make it till the world ends
Show me to a higher place
Take me to outer space
I want you to be my friend
We’ll make it till the world ends

Show me to a higher place
Take me to outer space
I want you to be my friend
We’ll make it till the world ends

Feelings Expressed:

This place exists, right here, right now.

This place, which is beyond time and space,

Beyond any worldly limitations,

is Unbound, Free, and Innocent,

It is continuously giving birth to an untarnished thought of unlimited joy, a beauty beyond any earthly imagination, so bright, extending without limits and hence there is no place where it is not, increasing the potency of Love and Light.

Enlightenment is not a state but rather the recognition that everything is One and that nothing else exists outside this perfect One. Herein lies peace.

Gather all that you meet and they will see the Light in your face, the glow which will tell them that you have found the One and are on the way that leads back to our true Home, which we left unoccupied for quite some “time”.

We  exchanged the awareness of our Home for separation and uniqueness without realizing that with this experience also came the amnesia of who we truly are and who all the “others” are, often  appearing sometimes as a friend and sometimes as an foe.

Through our belief in separation we created the concept of duality, splitting One into the observer and the observed, which is the opposite of Union.

We turned our Home of Love and Peace upside down,and since then, we pretend we don’t know who we are because of our fear of rejection and of what will happen to us when our minds return as One.

What will happen when we loosen the chains in our minds which  have trapped us in trillions of seemingly separate pieces?

We have forgotten that every part of us when United will exceed the sum of its parts.  We  have forgotten that this has happened only in our minds.  We separated one mind into a higher and a lower mind which then tries to govern us during our mental experiences as humans.

This lower mind is false. It does not exist in Truth. Love cannot have a part that is not loving. Love cannot have an opposite.

We have forgotten that the whole is in every part and every part includes the whole.  It is up to us which part of our mind we allow to guide us, with the lower part of our mind being an illusion which  claims that life will end with death. But nothing will ever end in death. Life cannot end up in death, otherwise Life is Death.

There is nothing to fear! Life is eternal and if we all unite in dance and think about our desire to be One with All there is, then the world will change in front of our “eyes” because we have changed.

You will find out that the world changes, turning from ugly into the most beautiful places you can imagine, dependent upon the amount you allow yourself to change your thoughts about the world. To that exact proportion, will it Increase through forgiving others for what you think they have done to you and by seeing the interests of others being the same as yours, with no one being better or worse, with no one being special and no one needing  more attention and love than anyone else.

Then you will find yourself wherever you are.  See these footprints? These are yours when you carried yourself in times of need. It is your Higher Self that took care of you. Follow it!

We are One

We are One!

The terms We are One, One Love, Oneness and Unity were music to our mental ears when attending our first electronic music festival ever at age 60 and 57 at EDC in Las Vegas. And over the following three nights this was exactly what we experienced.

The music by itself can put us within a few seconds from misery to bliss by letting go and let the music take us each hour or so, with every DJ, on a different journey, one we experience as the removal of mental barriers of happiness, which includes all thoughts that in any shape or form related to the past, or the future, and what remains is the Beautiful Now.

Often did we ask ourselves what each of the festival attendee understanding is of “We Are One”. I always like to ask each person what do you mean? The most common answer is that we are all connected and that all of us want what the acronym PLUR stands for. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Some say PLUR is a movement, a life style, some say it alive, others say it’s dead.

PLUR is not dead. It is alive in every person that has open heart and decides that peace, love, unity and respect are part of her or his dealings with others. Let’s tie PLUR to a Oneness concept that is all encompassing.

Let’s start with Love. Love for us is not a concept, it is Reality. How can Love be Reality with all the fighting in the world, with all its conflicts?

Love is One. It is absolute and has no opposite. It also has to be 100% Love and cannot contain anything that is not loving, otherwise Love’s meaning is lost. If we would not perceive anything but Love we would feel peaceful, no doubt about that.

Peace can only exist in a mind where Love has entered and made a home for itself. What is there to fear when we have nothing but love inside of us? Nothing!

Unity is the outcome of Love which provides us with a peace of Mind. Respect though is different. It becomes a pre-requisite for Love to enter and stay in ones mind. Respecting others for whatever they might think differently to ones own belief means to not judge anything that is perceived as external to oneself, because if a person judges, the bar is set and limit is imposed on what is acceptable and what is not, and regardless of the boundaries of acceptability, fear will sooner or later arise because Love was limited.

We have to respect and accept everything and everyone because it is judgment with its many forms that interrupt the flow of Love, its positive vibrations are being shut off at the moment an unloving thought crosses the mirror of the mind. Regardless of the severity of the act we are judging, in someone else or us, it will inevitably cut off the supply of Love and its seeming opposite raises its ugly head.. We can call it anger, upset, disappointment, hate, etc. all of them are expression of fear, ultimately the fear that Love has abandoned us or that we have abandoned love.

In the end we actually think we are upset about what robbed us our peace, not realizing that we really have gotten upset about losing Love, being jolted out of the Now.

Love has to be extended, not interrupted. Music is the perfect way to illustrate extensions vs. interruptions. Let’s take Tiesto’s Secret. The song has a certain melody and certain lyrics. Don Diablo and Diplo decided to take the same melody and lyrics but changed the rhythm to be closer to their style. Folks who would not have listened to Tiesto will be able to hear it because they love Diplo’s style. So the reach of the song has increased and bottom line it has brought joy to more people as if the song was only published by Tiesto. This is extending.


Extending Love will increase your vibrational patterns that are in unison with other like minded and that is the reason why we are High on the festival for even some time after the festival ended because the vibrations are stored in our memory banks like food that slowly is getting processed after intake.

How do we overlook when being judged by others? Very simple, if we believe We are One, then there is nothing and nobody else, so all judgments are ultimately judgments against oneself, because there is just One Self, that has seemingly split into trillions of pieces (minds).

This remind us of the video of Galantis Runaway where it’s said that those who are looking for Love always meet themselves. That is so correct. if you feel judged, then realize it must be a part of you that you don’t want to face yet your own seeming wrong doings. Accepting what appears unacceptable is the way out of these uncomfortable feelings we call guilt. Overlooking errors in others shows that we have relinquished the guilt we carried around for doing similar transgressions.


Love is One. We are One. So we must be Love, but have forgotten!

Here is our ONE Playlist! Dance and Enjoy!