Can you recommend a summer festival?

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So far this 61 year young couple went twice to EDC Las Vegas and we had the best time of our lives. It’s a three day festival from dusk to dawn, starting at 7pm with the last DJ  opening  up around 5am and is usually a top one. Last year the last one we saw was Dash Berlin and this year it was Galantis.

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There were 14 stages, several big stages such as Kinetic Field, where headliners play, and Circuit Ground with  headliners and upcoming top DJs.

All major sub genres have their chance to play for an hour of their set to about 120,000 people nightly. It’s a very peaceful gathering of a lot of people who are all happy, joyful and having fun!

We, being a little older than the average age you will find there (21+), felt safe, as well as accepted, so much that we decided to check out more EDM festivals next year.

The ride to the raceway in North Las Vegas takes about 30 minutes with their shuttle system if you stay at a hotel in the downtown area. We heard, however, that others staying on the strip  had a couple of hours until the busses reached the festival grounds.

The prices of hotels however are higher during the week prior to EDC since many of the DJs are playing during the day in  at various beach clubs along the strip. If possible, next year we will arrive sooner in Vegas and include some shows before hitting the festival itself.  We did see Steve Aoki a day after EDC ended, we obviously had not had enough at that time.

The early bird prices are sold out quickly and the additional tax LV adds makes it a $400 ticket price, well worth it!

Also a good value is to get a water bottle for $20 which can be refilled as many times as you want! It’s the desert and if you watch some YouTube videos of the event, you can see a big red sign to the left of the DJ that tells the temperature and the local time. In the EDC video of MakJ, it was still 97 degrees and that  was early evening.  By the way, we can be viewed on that video, not on purpose, at exactly 46 minutes into that set on the lower left hand side. LOL.It’s 70 degrees during the night with very little humidity, which is actually quite comfortable.

There are plenty of bathrooms available and areas where you can just relax. The decorations are spectacular, to say the least, with lots of neon, bright colors everywhere!

We don’t take drugs or even drink alcohol so we can’t comment on those accommodations, but we can  recommend EDC because this is, so far, the only real big festival we’ve attended, but hopefully this will change. We want to contact sponsors of these events and will offer our services to them so please keep your fingers crossed as anything in this field would be our dream job.

We are older, almost considered elderly, and that should give parents the relief that these gatherings are peaceful and loving. No one can prevent if someone gets injured,overdoses, or even dies.  This is very sad but those are personal decisions and should not be projected onto the festivals and their organizers. All  are doing the best they can, which includes the LVPD, all of which did a great job!

Out hats are off  to the founder of EDC. His vision was out of this world, bringing love, peace and happiness, raising vibrational patterns which is so very needed in a world that loves to hate and hates to love. For three days, you can enjoy love and being loved.

Hope this helped!

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