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Song Title Quiz

We had fun putting this Song Title Puzzle together. In the little short story below you will find 31 fairly recent EDM song titles (Sep 2015). Can you find them all?

We will publish the answers in the form of a playlist. Enjoy!


The morning sun is shining in the desert. “I have five more hours to walk.” says the young person to the wise man meeting at a crossroad.

“Who are you, Dr Who?”

“Who am I? I am!”  Says the wise man. “What are you looking for?”

“All my life I was looking for real love.  Where can I find it?” asked the young fellow.

“You first have to awake to the giant within, he will take you higher to other levels of consciousness that will make you stay young forever my friend. Are you with me?

He replied: “Isn’t this what we live for, a better day, the way out?”.

“Yes, but you must have an open heart  and let go of all memories from the past.  People  are waiting for love, but they don’t look where the lights are,  for the rays of light are all over the world, look around, get around, and just be.”

Immediately the young fellow realized that he doesn’t have to travel to become enlightened. “I can’t take it no more!” he loudly proclaimed towards Heaven. “I am going home!”

As he started to walk he heard the voice of the older person:” Keep your head in the clouds. Enlightenment isn’t a state at all, it is the full recognition that everything is perfectly One, and that nothing else exists, with all other transitory states by definition false and illusionary.  Reality is changeless, it is this that makes it real and differentiates it from all appearances. We are!”