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Our EDM journey continues strong in 2016

EDM Listening/dance habits of 2016


We analyze our listening habits on Last.FM (username:oneplusoneisone), demonstrating the integral part of Electronic Dance Music in our lives which we believe is the secret to our happiness. Above Last.FM link shows you what we played lately and when, it’s real-time.
We have 2 different sources for our music: Spotify and YouTube.

Almost every song we play on Spotify is scrobbled. The number is low however because we also use playlists offline. Below represents about 50% of our listening patterns, the other 50% goes to YouTube with mostly Live sets. Considering that 13 days and 8 hours of listening non-stop on Spotify is only 50% of the total time, we spend almost an entire month listening to Electronic Dance Music.

Why does it dip in June? We attended EDC in June which makes us more concentrate on YouTube Live Sets to recreate the feelings of joy and freedom we experienced twice now at EDC Las Vegas. The impact of EDC goes through the end of 2015 and then stays steady until June. The blurb in February also has a reason. In February 2016, we bought tickets for Phoenix Lights festival and the joy it generated resulted in a spike of music, actually the highest month of the year 2016.


We listened/dance to 6,000 songs on Spotify in 2016 of which 48% are from the same 25 Artist(s). This is 3,000 less than 2015 on Spotify but above the listening levels of 2014. The spike in 2015 has a simple explanation. EDC Las Vegas got us on a natural high for a few months resulting in more songs listened and danced to.
Did the total time we spend on dancing has still been the same, but since we attended EDC and a few smaller local festivals, we are spending more time listen to live sets on YouTube.
Artist most listened to (scrobbled) in 2016 on Spotify:
Rank Artist name Scrobbles
1 Deorro 240
2 Michael Woods 197
3 Zedd 187
4 Morgan Page 183
5 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike 167
6 Eric Prydz 166
7 Galantis 166
8 Andrew Rayel 140
9 Borgeous 119
10 Tiësto 119
11 Martin Garrix 113
11 R3hab 113
12 Major Lazer 96
13 Avicii 95
14 Alan Walker 77
15 Dzeko & Torres 72
15 Kaskade 72
16 Steve Aoki 69
17 The Chainsmokers 66
18 Disco Fries 64
19 Oliver Heldens 59
20 Dash Berlin 56
21 Laidback Luke 55
22 Riton 54
23 John Dalback 50
24 Morten 49
25 Sam Feldt 47
Total          2,887

In comparison: 2015

Rank Avatar Artist name Scrobbles
1 Deorro Deorro 401
2 Zedd Zedd 400
3 Galantis Galantis 229
4 Avicii Avicii 188
5 Above & Beyond Above & Beyond 174
6 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike 165
7 Kaskade Kaskade 160
8 Morgan Page Morgan Page 148
9 Steve Aoki Steve Aoki 137
10 Borgeous Borgeous 124
11 Tiësto Tiësto 123
12 Kygo Kygo 122
13 Lost Frequencies Lost Frequencies 119
14 Alesso Alesso 115
15 Eric Prydz Eric Prydz 113
16 Michael Woods Michael Woods 108
17 Calvin Harris Calvin Harris 105
18 Martin Garrix Martin Garrix 104
19 Tom Swoon Tom Swoon 101
20 Dash Berlin Dash Berlin 98


In 2016 we lost six of our TOP 20 artists from 2015 as highlighted. As you will see with the songs itself, our taste has slightly shifted away from Trance, which was the original attraction to EDM, and towards Future House, Tech House, but the majority of listening is still Big Room.
In the second part of 2016 Oliver Heldens was on a steep rise after seeing him live at one of the Talking Stick Pool parties. Same applies for KSHMR which did not make the list of the top 20 yet and also is on our bucketlist to see live. We really like his music. Oliver Heldens and R3HAB, who we danced to at another Talking Stick pool party, were the biggest gainers. Others stayed at their previous ranks and only slightly moved a bit up or down.

Many artists which we listened to many times on Spotify do not have a wide choice of recent live sets. We are very current on new releases of the 607 artists on Spotify, we like to dance to recent live sets and with some we would have to go back to 2013 to catch a professionally recorded live set.
Here is the YouTube Playlist with over 100 of the best live sets in 2016.

Live sets watched on YouTube 2016:

Rank YouTube TOP 50 Live Sets 2016 Times
1 Deorro 13
2 Zedd 11
3 EDC 2016 7
4 Axwell & Ingrosso 6
5 Oliver Heldens 6
6 Eric Prydz 5
7 Galantis 5
8 Kaskade 5
9 Avicii 4
10 Martin Solveig 4
11 Morgan Page 4
12 Andrew Rayel 3
13 Arty 3
14 Florian Picasso 3
15 KSHMR 3
16 Major Lazor 3
17 Moti 3
18 Robin Schulz 3
19 Botnek 2
20 Dannic 2
21 Kygo 2
22 Marshmello 2
23 R3HAB 2
24 Tiesto 2
25 3LAU 1
26 Above and Beyond 1
27 Armin van Buuren 1
28 Audien 1
29 Autoerotique 1
30 Benny Benassi 1
31 Borgeous 1
32 Cosmic Gate 1
33 Da Tweekaz 1
34 Dada Life 1
35 Dash Berlin 1
36 DJ Dan 1
37 DJ Fresch 1
38 DVBBS 1
39 Lost Frequencies 1
40 MakJ 1
41 Martin Garrix 1
42 Orjan Nilsen 1
43 Pierce Fulton 1
44 Porter Robinson 1
45 Sean Tyas 1
46 Showtek 1
47 Steve Aoki 1
48 Sultan & Shepard 1
49 Tchami 1
50 Tommy Trash 1
51 Tritonal 1
52 W&W 1
53 Wolfpack 1

Deorro is our number 1 on number of times we have listened to his tracks in 2016 while Borgeous is the leader on the most  tracks we played this year.
We never of course met and talked to any of these artists but there are some which we feel a “connection to”, and somehow are responding to their vibrational levels.  These artists include Deorro, Borgeous, Oliver Heldens, Martin Garrix, and lately KSHMR in that order.
We have our private jokes, please do not take offense, but we sometimes play Deorro’s or Martin Garrix’ parents. “Martin, there is no way we will have three O’s in your new song. It remains Bouncybob.”, or “Deorro, 50% of your songs have to be in Spanish or you are grounded for a month”.

Dancing Habits

In anticipation of EDC and other smaller festivals we danced to music every day for 101 days straight, and the streak only ended because we took both of our elderly Mothers to Las Vegas.

Saturday is our dance day more than any other day because we were starting in the morning, like Sunday. In spring and summer 2016 we attended a live set almost every weekend  at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale Arizona.

We love their Pool Parties. Four years ago, we flew from Phoenix to the East coast just to see Tiesto because Las Vegas had not gotten wind of that EDM trend. In the meantime, we saw Tiesto five times and one of the times was at the Maya Beach Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. We were about 10 feet behind Tiesto and thought: Why did Vegas not catch on a year sooner, would have saved us a trip to Atlantic City, which is no comparison to Las Vegas.




Rank 2016 Scrobbled Artist and track name / Spotify # Scrobbles
1 Morgan Page — No Ordinary Life (feat. Angela McCluskey) 69
2 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike — Higher Place – Andrew Rayel Remix 64
3 Michael Woods — Get Around – Radio Edit 63
4 Zedd — Beautiful Now 62
5 Michael Woods — Gold 59
6 Deorro — Haters 57
7 Riton — Rinse & Repeat – Radio Edit 54
8 Laidback Luke — Let It Go 52
9 Dzeko & Torres — L’Amour Toujours – Tiësto Radio Edit 48
10 Eric Prydz — Breathe 43
11 Jax Jones — House Work 41
12 Michael Woods — Sleep – Michael Woods VIP Mix 41
13 Avicii — Waiting For Love 41
14 Coleman Hell — 2 Heads 40
15 Galantis — Louder, Harder, Better 40
16 Eric Prydz — Generate – Radio Edit 39
17 Deorro — Bailar – Radio Edit 37
18 Carnage — Toca 37
19 Disco Fries — Head In The Clouds – Original Mix 36
20 Eric Prydz — We Are Mirage 36
21 Galantis — No Money – MOTi Remix 34
22 Tujamo — Booty Bounce 33
23 Tiësto — Summer Nights 32
24 Galantis — Runaway (U & I) 31
25 Florian Picasso — Final Call 30
26 Major Lazer — Light It Up (Remix) [feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG] 30
27 Rain Man — Bring Back the Summer (feat. Oly) 29
28 Zedd — Candyman 29
29 Sam Feldt — Summer on You 29
30 MORTEN — Beautiful Heartbeat – Deorro Remix 27
31 Zedd — Find You – Tritonal Remix 27
32 R3hab — Freak – VIP Remix Edit 27
33 Oliver Heldens — Ghost 27
34 Flume — Never Be Like You (Martin Solveig Remix) [feat. Kai] 27
35 Eric Prydz — Opus 27
36 Galantis — Peanut Butter Jelly 27
37 Martin Garrix — Bouncybob (feat. Justin Mylo & Mesto) 26
38 Andrew Rayel — Daylight – Original Mix 26
39 W&W — How Many 26
40 Major Lazer — Light It Up (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG) – Remix 26
41 Reez — Prophecy – Radio Edit 26
42 Diplo — Be Right There 25
43 The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face – Martin Garrix Remix 25
44 X Ambassadors — Renegades – Stash Konig Remix 25
45 Avicii — Taste The Feeling (Avicii Vs. Conrad Sewell) 25
46 Calvin Harris — This Is What You Came For 25
47 Zonderling — Crazy For You 24
48 Alan Walker — Faded 24
49 Tough Love — So Freakin’ Tight 24
50 Stereo Express — When I’m with You – Sakso Remix 24



There are two songs that we could call our all-time favorites and that is Deorro’s Five More Hours  (video) and Zedd’s Beautiful Now. They both transport us to a higher dimension when playing.

Genres played

Our top tags correspond to the genres mentioned previously.

A friend of ours told us at the beginning that EDM is a journey and we agree. It has brightened our lives immensely and we wished others our age would give this a shot.


Who is doing the moving?

The Way We Move

Several times we read that lyrics are not an important part of the song but that is not our experience. Actually, the lyrics are the very first thing we hear, and once the mind has let go of everything else but the song, our hands have the tendency to move in accordance with the individual instruments, similar to Avicii’s hand movements.

What we find fascinating is that in live sets of DJs we never heard before, the right hand still follows the beat and usually knows exactly when the fade out hits by taking both hands and at hip height and moving them quickly away from the body, like saying: this part is over.

Who does the movements? We never heard the song before. Who is taking over our body? There must be something within us that knows, at least one of these million voices which Otto Knows talks about.

Have you ever heard about Mothers that were able to “feel” that something terrible just happened with their child fighting in a war? Kind of a sad example but it is a good one, as if there was instantaneous communication occurring. We all had the experience of thinking about someone and then the person calls, right? Pure coincidence? Is there something like coincidence?

Are  we constantly communicating with others but we are simply not aware of it because we don’t believe in it and what we don’t believe we are much less likely to see and experience. Of course the same holds true for the opposite. When you had a broken arm or leg, everyone seemed to have injured limps, and when you were pregnant you could swear that the infancy rate is climbing dramatically because all you saw are pregnant people. All that points clearly to what I believe I can see or make manifest, all the time. This means the opposite must be true as well. We cannot perceive what we don’t believe, but this does not mean it is not occurring.

When Diane and I started to move at the age of 58 and 55  to EDM music, we had no clue what correct moves were. At our first EDC festival in 2015 we found out something very interesting: the moves we made actually resembled what our 120,000 friends at the speedway did, just much better. How could we have known the elementary moves? Who is doing the moving?

Well, whatever or whoever it is only can get that much mileage out of our bodies and for never having danced before in our lives, we are actually quite proud of it.

Join us! It feels good!

and eat a Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich!

What EDM means to us

Music has become a domineering physical, mental and spiritual force inside of us for the past 3-4 years since we changed from occasional oldies and classic rock to EDM.

We were on a spiritual path, seeking for Truth, however, not for religion. For the past 35 years I am a student of a book called, “A Course in Miracles” which tells us that the world is an illusion, just like so many eastern belief systems already point out, and that we literally have everything upside down here from true reality. Listen to: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike “Tales of Tomorrow”.

It says that we are in a dream and our sole purpose in this seeming incarnation is to wake up from the dream for us to then realize that we in reality where we have always been, being One with our Source.

This source is nothing but pure Love, making sin and guilt the only unjustified reason that we are still here. It teaches us to get rid of sin, guilt,  and  punishment as concepts of mad people who look to brainwash themselves by blaming others for their mistakes, which they call sins. Sins, per definition, are eternal and cannot be undone. Now this is hogwash,  but all of us were raised in one form or another to believe this nonsense.

Playlist – The Illusion of Separation


With this in mind, we found with EDM beautiful songs and sounds, with lyrics which fit perfectly with our belief systems. Axwell’s, “Leave the World Behind,” “Save the World,” “Nothing but Love,” and Morgan Page’s, “Open Heart” are just one of many songs which have lyrics that are literally out of this world and are more than soothing to the soul.

We noticed that when we started to dance to an EDM playlist, we were going into a natural trance-like (pun intended) state in which all problems of the day somehow vanished, but also did not come back when we stopped the dancing. The music not only gave us energy, but kept our moods above the frown level. We have integrated dancing to EDM music,  much like Islamic Sufis and other groups which  emphasize music,  as part of our own spiritual activities.

So we started to do this on a nightly basis, dancing for an hour, and sometimes 2, to electronic dance music, which lately has mostly been to an entire live set on YouTube. We feel we are mentally bonding with the hundreds of  thousands of people that are shown in the crowd of  these live sets. Above and Beyond calls their weekly music mix release: Group Therapy, and that is what it is! Our energies are merging with all of  those around the world who are  doing the same thing, dancing to upbeat music with beautiful lyrics, a literal joining of  minds that are thinking positive thoughts and are listening to the same set at one point or another.

In summary: music is more than important to us. It has become the outward manifestation of celebrating that we are homeward bound, that there is never anything to worry about, and that everything will eventually merge into a Power Surge of Love which will enable us to see that we are truly One Mind, just separated into billions of little “Is,” “me, me, mes”, and egos, and are slowly waking up.

Here are tracks that helped us through rougher times. These songs were catalysts for change.