We are One

We are One!

The terms We are One, One Love, Oneness and Unity were music to our mental ears when attending our first electronic music festival ever at age 60 and 57 at EDC in Las Vegas. And over the following three nights this was exactly what we experienced.

The music by itself can put us within a few seconds from misery to bliss by letting go and let the music take us each hour or so, with every DJ, on a different journey, one we experience as the removal of mental barriers of happiness, which includes all thoughts that in any shape or form related to the past, or the future, and what remains is the Beautiful Now.

Often did we ask ourselves what each of the festival attendee understanding is of “We Are One”. I always like to ask each person what do you mean? The most common answer is that we are all connected and that all of us want what the acronym PLUR stands for. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Some say PLUR is a movement, a life style, some say it alive, others say it’s dead.

PLUR is not dead. It is alive in every person that has open heart and decides that peace, love, unity and respect are part of her or his dealings with others. Let’s tie PLUR to a Oneness concept that is all encompassing.

Let’s start with Love. Love for us is not a concept, it is Reality. How can Love be Reality with all the fighting in the world, with all its conflicts?

Love is One. It is absolute and has no opposite. It also has to be 100% Love and cannot contain anything that is not loving, otherwise Love’s meaning is lost. If we would not perceive anything but Love we would feel peaceful, no doubt about that.

Peace can only exist in a mind where Love has entered and made a home for itself. What is there to fear when we have nothing but love inside of us? Nothing!

Unity is the outcome of Love which provides us with a peace of Mind. Respect though is different. It becomes a pre-requisite for Love to enter and stay in ones mind. Respecting others for whatever they might think differently to ones own belief means to not judge anything that is perceived as external to oneself, because if a person judges, the bar is set and limit is imposed on what is acceptable and what is not, and regardless of the boundaries of acceptability, fear will sooner or later arise because Love was limited.

We have to respect and accept everything and everyone because it is judgment with its many forms that interrupt the flow of Love, its positive vibrations are being shut off at the moment an unloving thought crosses the mirror of the mind. Regardless of the severity of the act we are judging, in someone else or us, it will inevitably cut off the supply of Love and its seeming opposite raises its ugly head.. We can call it anger, upset, disappointment, hate, etc. all of them are expression of fear, ultimately the fear that Love has abandoned us or that we have abandoned love.

In the end we actually think we are upset about what robbed us our peace, not realizing that we really have gotten upset about losing Love, being jolted out of the Now.

Love has to be extended, not interrupted. Music is the perfect way to illustrate extensions vs. interruptions. Let’s take Tiesto’s Secret. The song has a certain melody and certain lyrics. Don Diablo and Diplo decided to take the same melody and lyrics but changed the rhythm to be closer to their style. Folks who would not have listened to Tiesto will be able to hear it because they love Diplo’s style. So the reach of the song has increased and bottom line it has brought joy to more people as if the song was only published by Tiesto. This is extending.


Extending Love will increase your vibrational patterns that are in unison with other like minded and that is the reason why we are High on the festival for even some time after the festival ended because the vibrations are stored in our memory banks like food that slowly is getting processed after intake.

How do we overlook when being judged by others? Very simple, if we believe We are One, then there is nothing and nobody else, so all judgments are ultimately judgments against oneself, because there is just One Self, that has seemingly split into trillions of pieces (minds).

This remind us of the video of Galantis Runaway where it’s said that those who are looking for Love always meet themselves. That is so correct. if you feel judged, then realize it must be a part of you that you don’t want to face yet your own seeming wrong doings. Accepting what appears unacceptable is the way out of these uncomfortable feelings we call guilt. Overlooking errors in others shows that we have relinquished the guilt we carried around for doing similar transgressions.


Love is One. We are One. So we must be Love, but have forgotten!

Here is our ONE Playlist! Dance and Enjoy!


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