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EDM wikis provide breakdowns of songs and artists into a seemingly,  never ending list of EDM sub genres with which one could fill up a, “ Big Room,” with.  (pun intended). The following website,, having  over 1200 different genres,  is a great way of finding the sub genre a DJ is specialized in.   It  can be searched in any way one could think of, and even opens Spotify with a corresponding playlist. How about categorizing EDM songs based on the mood they engender? Can a playlist really lift me out of bad mood or depression?  EDM Lyrics Corner will make an attempt to categorize EDM songs in a different way and that is what this series of blogs is all about. 

EDM sub genres are primarily based on the instruments and the associated rhythm. A few sub genres, genres in themselves, are relating to the lyrics and the overall melody. Other sub genres are pointing to the moods or the feelings one can expect, i.e. Uplifting, progressive, trance,or chill.

When we started to create our playlists we noticed that they often reflected our state of mind in some way, whether it be the mood we are in now, or our current one we would like to change.  In this case, we simply switch to yet another playlist.

Steve Angelo, at the release of his last album, sent out a message in Instagram to thank his followers for their inspiration in producing his new album. He said, “ I couldn’t do it without you!”

That is correct!  Angelo is the sender of that which was requested from his followers. It is a mental communication between follower-ship to musician which creates a piece of art, a new song, something  which will bring some form of joy to both, joining together on a similar vibrational energy level.

From this perspective, DJs are responding to requests from their fan base. The number of DJs playing in different musical genres is explained by the different vibrational patterns that exists amongst the entire EDM followership. Of course, this principle would apply to all music and is not restricted to EDM. What is restricted to EDM is the ability to align with the energies to such an extent that it can generate tremendous feelings of joy and of Oneness. The reason is two fold: the length of a set which is similar to classical music and is played for an hour or more, giving ample time to release the daily thoughts of  worry, anxiety and stress. While on the other hand, the beat of the music itself allows the energy of the music to take a person on a journey of self-discovery without having the interference of  ego thoughts.

We believe that each song can be categorized based on the mood which is sought through the ears of the listener.

Classic EDM:

It seems that at least 30% of all  DJs incorporate at least one rock or other non- electronic classic  song into their set. Dillon Francis opened one of his weekly mixes with repeating the beginning of Country Joe McDonald on the Woodstock album and video, standing in front of 300k hippies screaming: Gimme an F, Gimme a U, Gimme a C, Gimme a K, etc. We’ve heard Red Hot Chili Peppers,  Foreigner, Jefferson Starship, and songs from The Doors all being incorporated into the sets of today’s DJs.


EDM Humorous (Funny)

These songs have either lyrics which brings a smile to ones face, or are actually funny in themselves. These often extend to the melody which  perfectly matches the story line.

Examples for this category are:

  • Galantis Peanut, Butter, Jelly


EDM Positive, Uplifting

This category incorporates practical life advice and looks at it in a positive light.

Examples: Disco Fries: Keep Your Head in the Clouds, Axwell ^ Ingrosso:  The Sun is Shining, Avicii: Waiting for Love



EDM Relationships

This one needs further sub categorization:

EDM Relationships

Goals – dating, friendships, infatuation, togetherness


EDM Self Help, Struggles with Self and the  Meaning  of Love


EDM Erotica


EDM Party Time

Having a good time

These songs belong in every festival and party:

MAKJ: Let’s Get Fucked Up!

Cosmic EDM, Awakening, Being Aware

Here we have Cosmic Gate and many other trance artists that are channeling higher thought. This category is aware of the subtler workings of the universe. We are able to relate many of these lyrics directly to our underlying spiritual beliefs and the accuracy of the description jiving with our own belief system is almost frightening! (Unless one truly understands the meaning of, We are One.)




I will further describe each category in subsequent blogs.


We love to dance! We Love!