Our Road to EDC

For most EDC Las Vegas attendees,  the three-day festival is the highlight of their year. The anticipation of the event can be viewed in the increasing number of posts to the EDC Family, be it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat*. Preparations are in full execution and the joy of spending three days with friends listening to electronic dance music from dusk to dawn releases the first streaks of endorphins and adrenaline in anticipation of going to a place  where one can be free is nearing.

This video describes our first experience:

The same applies for us,  as we were preparing for our 2nd EDC. Without a doubt, we attest that we had the best time of our lives at our 1st EDC, and we are sincere about this statement! In 2013 we discovered electronic dance music. Not much was going on at that time in the southwest of the U.S. and we flew to Atlantic City, NJ, just to see Tiesto after seeing a video of “Elements of Life”. This was the beginning of our love relationship with electronic dance music.

In 2015 we finally took the jump into festival life and with Las Vegas just being a few hours drive in the car, EDC was the logical choice. We became active in the FB group EDCAZFAM and discovered that the people listening to EDM are 30 plus years younger than we are, but thought more along the lines we do, rather than people in our own age bracket.

Our biggest surprise coming out of EDC for us was the existence of PLUR.

Suddenly it became clear why we have tears in our eyes when listening to certain songs. It was not us that found EDM, EDM found us. We are older in years of being on this planet, but our mind set, our life long belief that we are nothing but energy that is vibrating at a certain sequence and finding its matches as we are wandering through this seemingly endless maze of time and space, can be pretty much summed up as PLUR. We found our own.


We dance nightly for 45-90 minutes to a playlist on Spotify or, in increasing EDC anticipation, we listen to a live set from a recent festival with lasers and black lights throughout the house. After a minute or so we don’t feel our bodies any longer, we are just in heaven. It is so uplifting that the after effects are still being felt the next day, sometimes followed with the occasional sore legs and arms.


  • Snapchat is not our forte 🙂


We love to dance! We Love!