PLUR Warrior or PLUR Worrier

Are you a PLUR Warrior or a PLUR Worrier?

This blog will change you from being a worrier to a being a warrior in 4 simple steps. Do you know if you are a worrier or if you are a warrior?

How do you see the world? How do you see yourself and others? Do you see peace or war? Do you see Love or hate? What are you afraid of?  Do you perceive more union or more separation? Do you respect others; I mean everyone or only selected groups? Do you accept everything that you perceive, I mean everything. Do you trust others? On what does your mind spend its time? Where are your thoughts? In the past, present or future?

Every answer requires a decision and each decision is a judgment and this judgment is based on how we perceive in the world. The external often becomes the driver for decisions, the past determines the future by acting on it in the present and that is the MO of the PLUR Worrier.

How can we keep up and deepen our PLUR lifestyle when the only constant that each second has is that of a change? Many resist change at all costs? Are you one of them or do you embrace change to the fullest? Or are you resisting change but pretend to be someone who embraces change?

We like change when it brings us something that we want or desire, when my expectations of this moment are met in some form that appears pleasing to me. In contrast, we will not embrace change if it leads to a perceived loss of some kind.   This is however setting the PLURworrier up for failure for the following reasons:

Repeating Past Failures

The PLURWorrier uses the past for the basis to predict the future. This is common practice in business. The difference is not always obvious.  Let’s take revenue projections in which historical facts are used to predict the future. At least one side of the equation is based on facts, while a person’s memory of past events is anything but accurate. In addition, the subjectivity in which the past is seen, is very likely distorted, up to 80% according to a psychological study. The premise is already based on a faulty perception, any added projections can only be further reducing the chance of a future occurrence. This includes the inaccuracy of events, particularly those that imprinted a negative memory.

Example: you hang out with your friends on Friday night and you always meet them at 11pm at a certain place. All but one are on time. Dave is always at least 15 min late. That is what you think about Dave, Dave has become the symbol for being late. Hence, that is what your eyes will seek out to confirm your expectations. . The past is always a grossly distorted lens that always will remember us in such a way that confirms our position. You will overlook that Dave is on time and only register when he is not. Why? The constant judgment stemming from past experiences is that Dave is late, even when he is not.

By projecting the past into the future, the only time in which change can occur is skipped, which is the NOW. Only if the PLURwarrior lets go of the perception of Dave to be always late, he will experience that Dave is now on time, although he is still arriving late. The change of mind of the PLURWorrier, releasing his judgment, also took away the need to have Dave’s tardiness being experienced.

And what is the connection to PLUR?

Very simple, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect cannot happen to a mind that is mentally distracted with worries which are increasing as time goes by without resolutions. Worries are based on fear and fear binds the minds in chains by keeping it in a constant state of uncertainty. The external world is seen as unpredictable which requires constant attention. Goals that were set are reevaluated and adjusted if fear increases a condition that is based on subjective perceptions which are distorted. This is a negative feedback loop. Since all actions are based on fear, only fear can arise from it. Fear cannot be turned into trust by evaluating and analyzing the fear. This sounds illogical but it is not. Take this example.

Fritz has a fear of flying. Fritz knows very well that the chance of crashing in a commercial airliner is next to impossible and so much safer than driving, but that does not change him to a happy flyer. The fear sits deeper.

Steps to become a PLURWarrior

In any situation in which we are uncertain, the first thing to consider is,

  1. What do I want to come of this? What is it for? Why am I doing this?”
    The intend of the goal belongs at the beginning, for it is this which will determine the outcome.
  1. From belief to conviction to certainty
    The PLURWarrior knows that the goals will be achieved regardless of the road condition that lead to its fulfillment. Faith turns from the unknown to the known, switching it from potential to certainty.
  1. Don’t sweat the road conditions
    Now that the goal has been set with the mind of the warrior being in absolute certainty of its fulfillment, will deal with any obstacle that comes between the goal and its achievement in a constructive way since he knows that this is the way to achieve the goal. It is the conviction of the achieving the goal which drives the removal of the obstacles.
  1. Achievement & Sharing
    the PLURwarrior does not brag about his accomplishments as they are second nature to him. In fact, the warrior devotes much of the time to help others to achieve their goals. Helping others becomes the motivation to continue on the road to success because the mind of the warrior is open to sharing knowing that its own power ultimately comes from the support he receives through the sharing of thoughts and ideas that lead him to success.

In the worrier’s procedure, everything is reversed. The situation becomes the determiner of the outcome, which can be anything. The reason for this disorganized approach is evident. The worrier does not know what it wants to come of it. It is aware of what it does not want, but only that. It has no positive goal at all.

Constant check points, particularly in the presence of obstacles, are leading to re-evaluations of potential outcomes which often lead to endless battles with the encountered obstacles without ever achieving a feeling of success. Most of the times the worrier gives up the fuzzy goals, best case, the fuzzy goals are changed and the loop starts over with history repeating itself yet again.

Beautiful Now

The most significant loss the worrier has is the loss of the Beautiful Now. It is lost in dreams of fear. Research has shown that worries are exaggerated by 80-90%, or we call it making a mouse of an elephant. Think about what is really being done in the present, replacing the NOW:

The lower mind, let’s call it ego (different than Freud), creates a mental story of one potential outcome of a situation, describes it in all its glorious detail so distorted that is mere fantasy, meaning it will never happen, and then on top of it tells you that you should reside in fear until this is all over. Once given into this illusion the worrier will receive a personal notification from the ego reminding him of his impending doom.

This little ego told a lie and the worrier bought it. That is what really happened. If you look at a situation more objectively you might be able to see through the egos first defense, which is the exaggeration, the illusionary part of it.

The second is hidden and represents the core of denial of the worrier heart. You cannot fear anything that has not happened yet particularly not the small stuff anyway which is 99% of worriers’ content. Here is why:

If you could worry now about a future event, then you would always be running around in fear because there is a thing people believe in which is called death, which seems to hit most people and if you could fear little things because death is further out then this is not what happens. Death could hit you anytime but that is not your dread. That is not the root cause of the worrier, it can’t be. The root cause is to keep the NOW out, because it is Love that one finds here and peace, all united as One.

We are afraid of being rejected down the road in a situation we are worried about. What we are doing is feeling the future rejection NOW, all by our own choice. That is crazy isn’t it? We could choose to be happy right now but we rather indulge in something that makes us feel miserable.

Now the worrier knows he has a choice. Go out worrier and view the world change in front of your eyes into One of peace and love. Now you are a PLUR warrior!



Go out worrier and see how the world will change in front of your eyes into One of peace and love.

Now you are a PLUR warrior!

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