Quora Question: Can EDM help with ADHD

It is perfect for people with ADHD. It’s a natural way to increase dopamine, the lack thereof is responsible for attention deficit.
I happen to be diagnosed with ADHD and it allows me to shut out everything around me and be fully consumed by the music.
It is not different than people with ADHD getting immersed in video games, also a great way to increase your dopamine in a very natural way.
Just like certain ADHD meds, listening to EDM (loud, under headphones to an entire set) gives me energy. Consider my age being 61, I do get tired late afternoon and instead of taking a nap, I crank up the music (headphones) and start moving with the beat. After 10-15 minutes I have enough energy again to go through the rest of the day.
I am very much convinced that this form of music has other healing properties. Going into a trance like state with your partner enables us to completely forget any worries of the day and just be, to say it with a song from Tiesto.

Now, as good as EDM might be for ADHD, you can’t dance all day long, or game all day long to keep your dopamine up, unless you don’t need to make a living.

Now, there is research out on EDM and its impact. One book that comes to mind is called Trance Formation.

Just try it. Go to a live show and “get into it”. I bet the money I don’t have that you can easily skip a dose (not recommended unless ok by Doctor) of an ADHD med and you won’t lose concentration for the next few hours.

One of my sons, also ADHD, loves to listen to Infected Mushrooms, the sudden changes in sounds have the same effect of him as I have with long electro house, future house, tech house, Dubstep or uplifting progressive sets.

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