What EDM means to us

Music has become a domineering physical, mental and spiritual force inside of us for the past 3-4 years since we changed from occasional oldies and classic rock to EDM.

We were on a spiritual path, seeking for Truth, however, not for religion. For the past 35 years I am a student of a book called, “A Course in Miracles” which tells us that the world is an illusion, just like so many eastern belief systems already point out, and that we literally have everything upside down here from true reality. Listen to: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike “Tales of Tomorrow”.

It says that we are in a dream and our sole purpose in this seeming incarnation is to wake up from the dream for us to then realize that we in reality where we have always been, being One with our Source.

This source is nothing but pure Love, making sin and guilt the only unjustified reason that we are still here. It teaches us to get rid of sin, guilt,  and  punishment as concepts of mad people who look to brainwash themselves by blaming others for their mistakes, which they call sins. Sins, per definition, are eternal and cannot be undone. Now this is hogwash,  but all of us were raised in one form or another to believe this nonsense.

Playlist – The Illusion of Separation


With this in mind, we found with EDM beautiful songs and sounds, with lyrics which fit perfectly with our belief systems. Axwell’s, “Leave the World Behind,” “Save the World,” “Nothing but Love,” and Morgan Page’s, “Open Heart” are just one of many songs which have lyrics that are literally out of this world and are more than soothing to the soul.

We noticed that when we started to dance to an EDM playlist, we were going into a natural trance-like (pun intended) state in which all problems of the day somehow vanished, but also did not come back when we stopped the dancing. The music not only gave us energy, but kept our moods above the frown level. We have integrated dancing to EDM music,  much like Islamic Sufis and other groups which  emphasize music,  as part of our own spiritual activities.

So we started to do this on a nightly basis, dancing for an hour, and sometimes 2, to electronic dance music, which lately has mostly been to an entire live set on YouTube. We feel we are mentally bonding with the hundreds of  thousands of people that are shown in the crowd of  these live sets. Above and Beyond calls their weekly music mix release: Group Therapy, and that is what it is! Our energies are merging with all of  those around the world who are  doing the same thing, dancing to upbeat music with beautiful lyrics, a literal joining of  minds that are thinking positive thoughts and are listening to the same set at one point or another.

In summary: music is more than important to us. It has become the outward manifestation of celebrating that we are homeward bound, that there is never anything to worry about, and that everything will eventually merge into a Power Surge of Love which will enable us to see that we are truly One Mind, just separated into billions of little “Is,” “me, me, mes”, and egos, and are slowly waking up.

Here are tracks that helped us through rougher times. These songs were catalysts for change.


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