Who is doing the moving?

The Way We Move

Several times we read that lyrics are not an important part of the song but that is not our experience. Actually, the lyrics are the very first thing we hear, and once the mind has let go of everything else but the song, our hands have the tendency to move in accordance with the individual instruments, similar to Avicii’s hand movements.

What we find fascinating is that in live sets of DJs we never heard before, the right hand still follows the beat and usually knows exactly when the fade out hits by taking both hands and at hip height and moving them quickly away from the body, like saying: this part is over.

Who does the movements? We never heard the song before. Who is taking over our body? There must be something within us that knows, at least one of these million voices which Otto Knows talks about.

Have you ever heard about Mothers that were able to “feel” that something terrible just happened with their child fighting in a war? Kind of a sad example but it is a good one, as if there was instantaneous communication occurring. We all had the experience of thinking about someone and then the person calls, right? Pure coincidence? Is there something like coincidence?

Are  we constantly communicating with others but we are simply not aware of it because we don’t believe in it and what we don’t believe we are much less likely to see and experience. Of course the same holds true for the opposite. When you had a broken arm or leg, everyone seemed to have injured limps, and when you were pregnant you could swear that the infancy rate is climbing dramatically because all you saw are pregnant people. All that points clearly to what I believe I can see or make manifest, all the time. This means the opposite must be true as well. We cannot perceive what we don’t believe, but this does not mean it is not occurring.

When Diane and I started to move at the age of 58 and 55  to EDM music, we had no clue what correct moves were. At our first EDC festival in 2015 we found out something very interesting: the moves we made actually resembled what our 120,000 friends at the speedway did, just much better. How could we have known the elementary moves? Who is doing the moving?

Well, whatever or whoever it is only can get that much mileage out of our bodies and for never having danced before in our lives, we are actually quite proud of it.

Join us! It feels good!

and eat a Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich!

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